Diabetes nothing to fear…

When you were first diagnosed with diabetes, what did you think?  Were you scared and frustrated or just completely at a loss of what it all meant. Maybe you were in denial thinking how could this be happening?  Maybe embarrassed or ashamed?  Whatever you felt it’s okay,  I have been there and together we can look diabetes in the eye and say, “I do not fear you”.  Diabetes is what I have it is not who I am.  Attitude is everything! Someone once said to me “your attitude determines your altitude”.  Such power in those words and I believe  if you have a great attitude about diabetes you will not be fearful but triumphant!

Fearless is a state of mind.  I will conquer and live proudly with diabetes.  Because that is the key I am going to LIVE!


Welcome to The Fearless Diabetic website.  If you have found us you either have diabetes or know someone who does.  If you are newly diagnosed or have been at it for a long time, you have come to the right place.  I know it can be fearful and frustrating.  Feelings of hopelessness and anger set in, especially when newly diagnosed.  Parents and family members are equally full of fear and anger.   They struggle with the information being shoved at them from the doctors and staff and think “where do we even begin”?  They try and put on a brave front as to not upset their child who now is facing a lifetime of change.  I will try to show everyone that  this is not the end but only the beginning of a wonderful fulfilling life  A life with diabetes at its best, and the most important part – it is nothing to fear!

The Fearless Diabetic website is designed to be a support community not only for people with diabetes but also for the families and friends of diabetics.  My goal through support, mentoring and patient advocacy is to inspire and encourage all who have been touched by diabetes.  I want to help you and anyone surrounding you through the challenges you may face along the way.   Let me help guide you so you can proudly say “I am a fearless diabetic”!