The Fearless Diabetic take 1 1

One of the biggest challenges in my life has been for me to sit down and write what I have learned and felt about diabetes for 19 years.  Yes 19 years!  First let me start by saying I do not have it all together and I certainly do not claim to be perfect, or a model type 1 diabetic.  But my  experience and my desire to help others has brought me to this point.

This point…Well if you look at a timeline part of me thought I would have never made it to this point.  I am 34 years old, married with three beautiful children, two of which I carried and one who may not be from my womb but she is a part of me just the same.  I was told very early on that I would not be able to have children and that if I did it would be very difficult to have a healthy baby and the amount of strain it would put on my kidneys would be hard to survive.  Think all the bad parts of “Steel Magnolias”.  So I convinced myself for a long time that I did not want children and tried to live my life as such.  But then one day I could no longer fight the feeling of wanting a child and my desire overcame me.  I lived with my desire for a long time still thinking I was broken iin some way and that the possibliity of me having a child was slim to none.  Needless to say after a long time and lots of pre[

So here I am ready to be vulnerable and transperent hoping to help even in a small way.  To show that even with this chronic illness we can and will have fulfilling lives.  That even though we have to take extra steps to achieve what we want we can still do it!

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